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Assent based ABA therapy in clinic for children diagnosed with autism ages 2-10

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Autism Therapy
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The Las Vegas Autism Center is an ACE provider for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board


Using learning science to help children and families.

At the Las Vegas Autism Center, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of children diagnosed with autism and their families through evidence-based practices rooted in behavior analysis. Our services are ethical, assent-based, and aimed at fostering positive outcomes.

Our approach involves not only providing therapy, but also empowering our learners to self-advocate and fostering their understanding of respectful interactions with adults in their lives.

We take pride in the continuous training we offer our therapists, ensuring the safety and quality of each child's experience. Our staff brings passion, extensive training, and a profound understanding of applying behavior analysis principles in working with children on the autism spectrum.

Recognizing the unique strengths and challenges of each child, we meticulously tailor individualized programs to cater to their specific needs. We employ a precise measurement system to analyze progress, allowing for adjustments to ensure optimal growth over time.

Some of the tools of behavior analysis we utilize include Discrete Trail Training (DTT), Natural Environment Training (NET), Functional Communication Training (FCT) and Precision Teaching (PT). 


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“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” – Dr. Stephen Shore.

All Services are provided under an assent based model

  • Skill Based Assessments

  • 1 : 1 ABA Therapy

  • Small-Group Activities

  • Discrete Trial Training

  • Natural Environment Training

  • Functional Communication Training

  • Precision Teaching

  • Parent Training

  • Potty Training

  • School Supports

  • IEP Supports

  • Collaboration with other service providers

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7390 W Sahara Ave Stes 250-280
Las Vegas, NV, 89117

750 Coronado Center Dr

Henderson NV 89052



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