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Our Intake Process

We will walk you through the steps of our intake process here. We strive to make this process seamless and speedy, allowing for your child to get the services they need and deserve.

Verify we accept your child's insurance

Please review our Funding Sources page to verify we are in network with your insurance.


Request Services

Please complete a service request via our Request Services form. Referrals are not required but a formal diagnosis is. If you do not yet have a formal diagnosis, please contact our office at 702-900-4320  or review our resources page (coming soon) for more information.



Once a time slot opens up, we will contact you to set up an assessment. To do so, we will need to verify your child's insurance(s), review their diagnosis and IEP paperwork (if applicable), and confirm our availability matches your child's. If all of the pieces fit, we will schedule an assessment with on of our Licensed Behavior Analysts. An assessment report will be drafted, with goals created based on your goals for your child and the skill needs we identify in our skill based assessment.  If we are a good fit for your child, an authorization will be submitted to your child's funding source to start services.


Onset of Services

Once an authorization has been approved services will commence! Your child will be assigned to a Master's Level (or PhD) Case Advisor and 2+ RBTs trained to provide therapy to your child. The Case Advisor is responsible for designing your child's program plan, ensuring they are making progress, making adjustments as needed, providing parent training and supervising the RBTs that provide the bulk of your child's therapy.  You will receive ongoing communication about your child's progress and have monthly meetings to provide input into the goals your child is working on.

Let's Work Together

We are committed to serving both your child and your family, striving to enhance your lives. Our mission is to collaborate with your family and other service providers, aiming to empower your child to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.

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